Style On Them Origin Flagship Store - Appointments Only

The   O R I G I N   flagship store represents humble beginnings. Start small and as you grow stay true to where you started and to those who supported you. That is important to us which is why we have located our first flagship store in our hometown, the best place for our loyal supporters to catch us in our element. The store is actually only near completion, but for one month only we are opening the doors to anyone who would like to meet the team that makes all this happen on an appointment only basis, so we can take time to give a personal experience to each shopper.

As we are a relatively young brand, being self funded and starting with no more than 10 hats two years ago, opening our first store has faced us with some big challenges over the past couple of months (when we started this project). These have included financial difficulties, legal issues and a load more general business issues, but has opened all of our minds in order to think faster when it comes to solutions and not allow anything to break us. This is crucial when chasing your dreams, and since we quit our jobs it is no longer a choice as this is all we have to turn back to.

The leap has allowed us to expand our minds and plans to a new level, and we are currently in progress with some larger scale plans for our youth work, opening a shop has shown us that we can do something so big on our own with nothing, so our next project is focussed around building an educational facility for creative people like us who struggle in school and are misunderstood as a result. We will be sharing our plans in store, fund raising for the facility by donating 50% of all profits from our flagship store into our youth projects and school and involving people who really wish to bring something to our movement, and that could be anything. A skill, an experience, an idea? Come and let us know! Since we started youth work it has become the primary focus of our lives, and this project is so much more real and in reach. This store is an example and will be used as a starter spot, a youth hub to begin our work.

Our original supporters will remember us at the bottom selling hats on the streets and out of the boot of the car so this store is also proof that ANYTHING is possible when you believe hard enough.

As well as communicating plans and ideas with our supporters we will also be exhibiting some exclusive collections that will never be available anywhere else in the world and giving the full Style On Them experience to everyone who comes to visit us before our doors officially open to the public in early 2018.