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East London


In the heavily gang cultured environment surrounding us in this city, the Style On Them family was founded on the principle of being able to put differences aside regardless of colour, race, religion, area or conflict.

It was initially just a message we grew to believe in while facing challenges in our negative environment.



The Story

We had began to outgrow the lifestyle we were caught up in string of negative circumstances made us search for changes in our lives and come together with a new mentality of positivity and growth. 

This diverted our focus into a future legacy and Style On Them was a result of channeling our energy into a creative outlet.

Our goal as a brand is to inspire others facing similar difficulties and guide them away from making the same mistakes we did growing up.

Style On Them is just a phrase to many, but to the family that understand it in all its depth, it's an exceptionally powerful message and a way of life which will be left behind as a legacy to inspire and be embraced by future generations.

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